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Efficacy and Safety of Etomidate in Comparison with Propofol or Midazolam as Sedative for Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Jae Hyun Kim, Sanghwan Byun, Youn Jung Choi, Hye Jung Kwon, Kyoungwon Jung, Sung Eun Kim, Moo In Park, Won Moon, Seun Ja Park
Clin Endosc 2020;53(5):555-561.   Published online March 31, 2020
AbstractAbstract PDFPubReaderePub
/Aims: In this study, we compared the efficacy and safety of etomidate with those of propofol or midazolam for the maintenance of sedation during endoscopy.
The study enrolled patients who underwent sedative endoscopy in our hospital and divided them into three groups. Patients in each group were administered midazolam as induction therapy and were subsequently administered either midazolam (M + M group), propofol (M + P group), or etomidate (M + E group) as maintenance medication. The primary outcome was overall cardiovascular and respiratory adverse events.
In total, 105 patients who underwent sedative endoscopic examination were enrolled. The outcomes related to the procedure and sedation were not significantly different among the groups. Overall cardiovascular and respiratory adverse events were observed in 9 patients (25.7%) in the M + M group, 8 patients (23.5%) in the M + P group, and 10 patients (27.8%) in the M + E group. The logistic regression analysis revealed that etomidate use was not an independent risk factor for overall cardiovascular and respiratory adverse events.
The outcomes following the use of etomidate for maintenance after induction with midazolam for sedation in upper gastrointestinal endoscopy were not inferior to those following midazolam or propofol use from the perspectives of safety and efficacy.


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    Jae Min Lee, Yehyun Park, Jin Myung Park, Hong Jun Park, Jun Yong Bae, Seung Young Seo, Jee Hyun Lee, Hyung Ku Chon, Jun-Won Chung, Hyun Ho Choi, Jun Kyu Lee, Byung-Wook Kim
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  • Drugs used for sedation in gastrointestinal endoscopy
    Jun Kyu Lee
    Journal of the Korean Medical Association.2022; 65(11): 735.     CrossRef
  • Comparative Safety Profiles of Sedatives Commonly Used in Clinical Practice: A 10-Year Nationwide Pharmacovigilance Study in Korea
    Yeo-Jin Choi, Seung-Won Yang, Won-Gun Kwack, Jun-Kyu Lee, Tae-Hee Lee, Jae-Yong Jang, Eun-Kyoung Chung
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    Chunling Wang, Shengnan Wang, Cuishuan Wu, Li Lei, Dong-Xin Wang, Qiang Zhang
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Effect of Sending Educational Video Clips via Smartphone Mobile Messenger on Bowel Preparation before Colonoscopy
Sung Chan Jeon, Jae Hyun Kim, Sun Jung Kim, Hye Jung Kwon, Youn Jung Choi, Kyoungwon Jung, Sung Eun Kim, Won Moon, Moo In Park, Seun Ja Park
Clin Endosc 2019;52(1):53-58.   Published online August 29, 2018
AbstractAbstract PDFPubReaderePub
/Aim: We aimed to evaluate the efficacy of sending educational video clips via smartphone mobile messenger (SMM) on enhancing bowel preparation before colonoscopy.
This was a prospective, endoscopist-blinded, randomized controlled study. Patients in the SMM group received two video clips sent via SMM that explained the diet and regimen for bowel preparation, whereas those in the control group did not receive any video clips. We compared the quality of bowel preparation between the two groups, which was assessed by an endoscopist using the Ottawa scale.
Between August and November 2014, 140 patients in the SMM group and 141 patients in the control group underwent colonoscopic examination. The total Ottawa score of the SMM group was significantly lower than that of the control group (5.47±1.74 vs. 5.97±1.78, p=0.018). These results were particularly prominent in the younger age group; the total Ottawa score of patents in the SMM group aged <40 years was significantly lower than that of patients in the control group aged <40 years (5.10±1.55 vs. 6.22±2.33, p=0.034).
We demonstrated that sending educational video clips via SMM could result in better bowel preparation, especially in the younger age group.


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  • Edukacinio 3D virtualiosios realybės vaizdo metodo įtaka ruošiant žarnyną kolonoskopijai: pirmieji rezultatai
    Edvinas Kildušis, Gintautas Brimas
    Lietuvos chirurgija.2024; 23(2): 108.     CrossRef
  • Effectiveness of bowel preparation innovative technology instructions (BPITIs) on clinical outcomes among patients undergoing colonoscopy: a systematic review and meta-analysis
    Parichat Wonggom, Siwanon Rattanakanokchai, Orathai Suebkinorn
    Scientific Reports.2023;[Epub]     CrossRef
  • Impact of WeChat guidance on bowel preparation for colonoscopy: a quasi-experiment study
    Yifang Guan, Yanjun Song, Xiaona Li, Aijun Zhang, Ruyuan Li
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  • Correlation between prescribing doctor attributes and intestinal cleanliness in colonoscopy: a study of 22522 patients
    Haibin Zhou, Hayat Khizar, Xiaofeng Zhang, Jianfeng Yang
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  • An Interactive Video Educational Tool Does Not Improve the Quality of Bowel Preparation for Colonoscopy: A Randomized Controlled Study
    Ted B. Walker, Tricia A. Hengehold, Kevin Garza, Benjamin D. Rogers, Dayna Early
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  • Comparison of 2 L Polyethylene Glycol Plus Ascorbic Acid and 4 L Polyethylene Glycol in Elderly Patients Aged 60–79: A Prospective Randomized Study
    Sung Hoon Jung, Chul-Hyun Lim, Tae-Geun Gweon, Jinsu Kim, Jung Hwan Oh, Kyu-Tae Yoon, Jee Young An, Jeong‑Seon Ji, Hwang Choi
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    Peng Li, Xueqian He, Xufang Yang, Jing Du, Weiquan Wu, Jiangfeng Tu
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  • Los efectos de la educación perfeccionada, realizada por enfermeros en la calidad de la preparación intestinal para colonoscopia
    Gamze Arslanca, Mahmure Aygün
    Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem.2022;[Epub]     CrossRef
  • Effect of nurse-performed enhanced patient education on colonoscopy bowel preparation quality
    Gamze Arslanca, Mahmure Aygün
    Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem.2022;[Epub]     CrossRef
  • Os efeitos da educação aprimorada, realizada por enfermeiros na qualidade do preparo intestinal para colonoscopia
    Gamze Arslanca, Mahmure Aygün
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  • Comparison of Two Types of 1-L Polyethylene Glycol-ascorbic Acid as Colonoscopic Bowel Preparation: A Prospective Randomized Study
    Suh Hyun Choi, Won Eui Yoon, Seung Hyuk Kim, Hee Jun Myung, Seo Hyun Kim, Soon Oh So, Se Hun Kim, Hyun Mi Lee, Yeoun Jung Oh, Jeong Seop Moon, Tae Yeong Park, You Sun Kim
    The Korean Journal of Gastroenterology.2022; 80(2): 85.     CrossRef
  • Multimedia based education on bowel preparation improves adenoma detection rate: Systematic review & meta‐analysis of randomized controlled trials
    Saurabh Chandan, Sumant Arora, Babu P. Mohan, Shahab R. Khan, Ojasvini C. Chandan, Lena L. Kassab, Arvind R. Murali
    Digestive Endoscopy.2021; 33(5): 730.     CrossRef
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    Maria El Bizri, Mariam El Sheikh, Ga Eun Lee, Maida J. Sewitch, Tim Mathes
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  • Effects of mobile messenger counseling on case management success for individuals engaging in self-harm or suicide attempts who were discharged from emergency departments
    Ji Min Seong, Youngsuk Cho, Gyu Chong Cho, Jongshill Lee, In Young Kim, Hongtaek Seo, Jungmi Kim
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    Chen-Shuan Chung, Chih-Ming Lin, Ming-Shu Chen
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  • Effects of a Personalized Smartphone App on Bowel Preparation Quality: Randomized Controlled Trial
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    Won Shik Kim, Beom Jae Lee
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    Thomas Timmers, Loes Janssen, Rudolf B Kool, Jan AM Kremer
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  • How Can We Achieve Good Compliance for Bowel Preparation?
    Jongha Park, Tae Oh Kim
    Clinical Endoscopy.2019; 52(1): 3.     CrossRef
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When Should We Perform Endoscopy for Patients with Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding?
Kyoungwon Jung, Moo In Park
Clin Endosc 2019;52(1):1-2.   Published online January 17, 2019
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Characteristics of Missed Simultaneous Gastric Lesions Based on Double-Check Analysis of the Endoscopic Image
Eun Jeong Gong, Jeong Hoon Lee, Kyoungwon Jung, Charles J. Cho, Hee Kyong Na, Ji Yong Ahn, Kee Wook Jung, Do Hoon Kim, Kee Don Choi, Ho June Song, Gin Hyug Lee, Hwoon-Yong Jung, Jin-Ho Kim
Clin Endosc 2017;50(3):261-269.   Published online August 22, 2016
AbstractAbstract PDFPubReaderePub
/Aims: The detection of multifocal lesions is important for the successful management of gastric neoplasms. We investigated the characteristics of missed simultaneous lesions and the reason for the missed diagnoses.
A total of 140 patients who underwent repeat endoscopy before endoscopic resection between June 2013 and June 2014 were retrospectively reviewed. We classified simultaneous lesions into three groups based on a review of earlier images: group 1, no images of the location of simultaneous lesions were taken; group 2, no corresponding lesion was evident in the previous images; and group 3, simultaneous lesions were visible in the earlier images but a biopsy was not performed.
Simultaneous lesions were found in 12 patients (8.6%) with 13 lesions, comprising 10 dysplasia (76.9%) and three adenocarcinoma (23.1%). Regarding the reasons for missed diagnoses, seven lesions (53.8%) were classified as group 3, five (38.5%) as group 1, and the remaining lesion (7.7%) as group 2. There were no significant differences in the characteristics of the patients with and without simultaneous lesions.
Lesions disregarded or unnoticed during endoscopic examination were the main reason for missed diagnosis of simultaneous lesions. Endoscopists should consider the possibility of simultaneous lesions and attempt to meticulously evaluate the entire gastric mucosa.


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Borrmann Type 4 Advanced Gastric Cancer: Focus on the Development of Scirrhous Gastric Cancer
Kyoungwon Jung, Moo In Park, Sung Eun Kim, Seun Ja Park
Clin Endosc 2016;49(4):336-345.   Published online July 25, 2016
AbstractAbstract PDFPubReaderePub
Early diagnosis of Borrmann type 4 advanced gastric cancer (AGC) is very important for improving the prognosis of AGC patients. Because there is no definite mass in most cases of Borrmann type 4 AGC, its accurate diagnosis via endoscopy requires an understanding of its pathogenesis and developmental process. Moreover, many people confuse linitis plastica (LP) type gastric cancer (GC), scirrhous GC, and Borrmann type 4 AGC. To distinguish each of these cancers, knowledge of their endoscopic and pathological differences is necessary, especially for LP type GCs in the developmental stage. In conclusion, diagnosis of pre-stage or latent LP type GC before progression to typical LP type GC requires the detection of IIc-like lesions in the fundic gland area. It is also crucial to identify any abnormalities such as sclerosis of the gastric wall and hypertrophy of the mucosal folds during endoscopy.


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